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Patriarch Publishing House is a Christian educational publisher dedicated to the restoration, support, and encouragement of Biblical marriage and family structure.


We specialize in reprinting valuable classic works that reinforce the divinely established patriarchal headship of the husband and father.


Patriarch (Acts 2:29; 7:8, 9; Hebrews 7:4) comes from the Greek word patriarches [Strong’s Greek Lexicon #3966], a composition of patria [#3965] meaning “family” (which comes from the word pater [#3962] meaning “father,”) and archo [#757] meaning “leader,” or “ruler.”


Patriarchy is the “rule of the father.” It describes the divinely ordained family structure in which fathers have the responsibility for the leadership, welfare, and direction of the home. This principle is reflected in a multi-generational aspect by the senior father in the family.


"Under the patriarchal administration, the father is supreme in command. The authority which the father has extends to his wife, to his children, his children’s children, his servants, and to all his household.” – Fred H. Wight, Manners and Customs of Bible Lands, Moody Press, page 103.

"Patriarch - the father and ruler of a family; one who governs by paternal right" (Noah Webster, American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828).

"The family, etymologically and generically, derives from the father... The family is a fatherhood, a grouping of persons around one who is their father" (Norman B. Harrison, The-ing Series, 1951, p. 4).


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