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A History and Philosophy of Marriage: Polygamy and Monogamy Compared

     by James Campbell (originally published in 1869) A reprint of the Christian Philanthropist, James Campbell’s classic work originally published in 1869 in Boston, Massachusetts. The book chapters are:

  • Primary Laws of Love

  • Primary Laws of Marriage

  • Origin of Polygamy

  • Monogamy After the Introduction of Christianity

  • Monogamy As It Is

  • Relation of Monogamy to Crime

  • Objections to Polygamy

ISBN: 978-1-934251-17-1

7.44” x 9.68” Paperback

142 Pages


Eros Made Sacred: Or The Biblical Case for Polygamy

     by James Wesley Stivers (originally published in 1991)

This book presents a clear biblical justification for polygamous marriage as sanctioned by the Holy Scriptures. The issue of polygamy is used to contrast current moral biases with those found in the Bible. First published more than 15 years ago, this thoughtful work has gone unrefuted. Provocative, instructional, challenging, edifying. The book chapters are:

  • Polygamy: A Biblical Custom

  • Objections Answered

  • In Favor of Polygamy

  • The Ministry of the Patriarch

  • Polygamy as a Tool of Christian Dominion

  • Feminism, Monogamy and Witchcraft

ISBN: 978-1-934251-21-8

7.44” x 9.68” Paperback

74 Pages





Evaluating Western Christianity’s Interpretation Of Biblical Polygamy

by Lauren Heiligenthal



This book demonstrates that the popular Western worldview regarding marriage affects biblical interpretation. While most Western societies uphold monogamy as God's ideal form of marriage, a number of other cultures practice polygamy. Western Christianity often perceives polygamy as a threat to the monogamist ideal; therefore, this book evaluates whether the Bible clearly advocates that polygamous men should become monogamous through divorce.

The majority of the evaluative process focuses on five biblical texts that many scholars frequently use to oppose polygamy. Most of their arguments stem from Gen. 2:20-24 because God creates one woman for Adam, thereby instituting the monogamist ideal for all people. This interpretation is then transferred to other texts, including Gen. 30:1-24, Matt. 19:3-9, 1 Tim. 3:2, 12, and Titus 1:6.

This book assesses the opposing arguments by exposing assumptions and potential biases, and also by reviewing the historical and social concepts of marriage in the Ancient Near Eastern and the Greco-Roman periods. After interpreting Scripture through the lens of the biblical audience, this book then applies the interpretations from the five biblical texts to a modern situation involving polygamy. Since there is no biblical text that explicitly prohibits polygamy or promotes monogamy, this book argues that the interpretation of the monogamist ideal tends to derive from one's worldview rather than the Bible.


ISBN: 978-1-62904-521-4 

6” x 9”  Paperback, 88 Pages








The Great Omission: Christendom’s Abandonment of the Biblical Family

    by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. This book presents twenty years of study, taking a candid look at the issue of multiple wives in Scripture and society.


The book chapters are:

  • The Problem: The Sad, Ignored Epidemic

  • The Divine Provision

  • The Marital Gift

  • The Old Testament Scriptural Precedent

  • The New Testament Scriptural Precedent

  • The Religious System’s Destruction of the Biblical Family

  • The History of Its Practice

  • The Cultural Issue

  • The Benefits of Plural Marriage

  • Who Is Immoral?


    This book also has 14 appendixes.

ISBN-10: 1-934251-71-2

ISBN-13: 978-1-934251-71-3

5.5" x 8.5" Paperback

204 Pages

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Morality Of Biblical Polygyny, The

by William F. Luck, Sr.


This is an amazing, courageous, contemporary work. William Luck, is the son of Moody Bible Institute’s Dr. G. Coleman Luck, Sr, Chairman of the Department of Theology, and a capable biblical scholar in his own right.


“God didn’t ask me my opinion about the issue. He expected me to represent His. I’ve tried. If you can prove I’m mistaken, I’ll be the first to thank you. But I’m not holding my breath in the meanwhile.”- the Author, from the Introduction


“To date [over twenty years after its original publication], I find the arguments ‘pro’ quite superior to those ‘con.’” - the Author, from the Conclusion


•    The Background

•    Laws That Imply the Moral Propriety of Polygyny

•    Passages That Appear To Prohibit Polygyny

•    The Association of Polygyny with Other Evils

•    Alleged Prohibitions of Polygyny

•    The Implications of “Adultery” in the “Vice Lists”

•    Questions Concerning the Possibility of Moral Polygyny


ISBN: 978-1-62904-014-1 

4.25” x 6.88”  Paperback, 57 Pages

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Patriarchs’ Journal: Bound Volume 1 (Issues 1-8)
A literal wealth of study material on the biblical family. In addition to personal use, it can be used for teaching material, or for family reading times. It also serves as a great reference work as it has an issue, article, author, topic and Scripture index.

ISBN: 978-1-62904-008-0
(8.5” x 11”)
130 Pages, Paperback.



Restoring the Foundations: Essays in Relational Theology

     by James Wesley Stivers (originally published in 1995)  A companion book to Eros Made Sacred. The book chapters are:

  • The Christian Man in Relation to God

  • The Christian Man in Relation to the Woman

  • The Christian Man in Relation to His Children

  • The Christian Man in Relation to the Firstborn

  • The Christian Man in Relation to Social Order

  • The Christian Man in Relation to Church and State: The Home Church

  • The Christian Man in Relation to Church and State: The Family Commonwealth

  • The Christian Man in Relation to the Land

  • The Christian Man in Relation to the Animals

  • The Colonizing Family

ISBN: 978-1-934251-25-6

7.44” x 9.68” Paperback

94 Pages


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